Thursday, December 5, 2013

Today I start

So today I start this project. I am going to try to run Kik Messenger on a Raspberry Pi. I'll start off with the regular Android 2.3 build, slap the Kik apk on it and I'll see how the performance is. If that doesn't work I'll round up some people to see if we can trim off the fat of Android OS and then have it book directly to Kik. Now why would we need this you ask? Just imagine sitting at your desk with two monitors, your Windows and your Ras Pi. So on the Pi you get notfications while you're working. An advantage of this is the keyboard. The disadvantage is links. This thing is definitley not ready for YouTube and Web links. So we're on our way fellor Ras Pi-ers! If you do want to help with trimming off the fat and making a more lightweight OS, feel free to email me at . Wish me luck!